Many forces have brought about the genesis of this initiative. The seed was planted over 10 years ago with an early childhood center opening in Pilsen. The initiative continued to grow with a parent-built grade school in Little Italy that just recently graduated its second class of 8th graders. Now the effort is branching out to open a 9-12th grade high school that aims to educate students to become free and able to navigate a future that has yet to be written but one in which they can see value, beauty and a space for themselves.  Towering Oaks High School will be this place.

The current plan is to open the doors to the first 9th grade in the fall of 2019 and continue adding another grade level to the school each year.





Towering Oaks High School is a diverse learning environment that seeks to educate the unique capacities of the whole human being. Through an experiential and integrative curriculum, we strive to actively engage both the mind and body of the adolescent while awakening their spirit of compassion. The classroom environment is one based on mutual respect that builds upon a student’s cooperative abilities while developing their self-awareness. Drawing from the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and current educational innovators, our school guides adolescents through a rigorous, analytical and mindful exploration of the world around them while kindling a reverence and passion for the art of learning.


Towering Oaks Waldorf High School recognizes the importance of developing the capacities of young adults to meet the needs of the 21st century.  Our school is a place for collaboration, creativity and connection not only for the students but the families and community members as well.  We value authenticity, sustainability, and imagination as ways of growing the seeds of societal transformation and magnifying our positive contribution in the world.