Frequently Asked Questions

the following questions were posed by current parents of Urban Prairie Waldorf School at the parent council meeting on may 31, 2018.

How will faculty be hired? What is the timeline for hiring? 

Faculty will be hired during the preceding summer of 2019. Applications and  inquiries are currently being accepted. 

What is our governance structure? 

We have been learning about various governance structures during our studies and are putting together handbooks for faculty, parents and students. We have adopted bylaws based on the study of several Waldorf schools across the United States.

What does a school day look like? 

A typical school day will follow the Waldorf Main Lesson or Morning Lesson style an integrate fine arts, practical arts, music and movement depending on the content of the lesson. Weather permitting, students will engage in outdoor activities and field trips relevant to their block of study. 

Questions about testing:

Do students need test scores to get into TOHS?

Students may choose to provide test scores if they wish. The admissions process will likely include a portfolio assessment that looks at student work samples, teacher recommendations, and student essays. Both student and parent interviews will also take place. 

Do students take the SAT or ACT at TOHS? 

Students who wish to apply for colleges are encouraged to take the SAT or ACT. It will not be offered at the school so students will need to make arrangements to test at another location. Typically, students do not take the ACT or SAT until their junior year which would be 2021 for the first class of 9th graders.

Why didn't Urban Prairie Waldorf School add a high school?

(Thank you to Heather Berhalter, Director of Community Development for UPWS, for this answer) UPWS did not feel that adding a high school would be feasible as they are still a new school and want to focus their attention on their preschool and grade school programs to ensure the needs of those students are met.  Urban Prairie places a high value on the twelve-year Waldorf grades curriculum and is happy that Towering Oaks High School will provide that important capstone of Waldorf education.

Will there be after school activities and sports?

Extra-curricular activities will be student driven. Students may form a team or club with a faculty sponsor or coach.  As the school grows, so will the number of activities offered. 


Are there things we haven't answered?

Contact us at to share your questions. Check this page for updates and more information.

Admissions Specific Questions

1. What are the fall 2019 Open house dates?

This fall, while we work on finding our home, Towering Oaks High School Open Houses will be held the third Fridays of September, October, November, December and January in the Bridgeport Arts Center. Space is limited so sign up to let us know if you can come! 


9/21/18 6 - 7pm  SIGN-UP

10/19/18 6 - 7pm  SIGN-UP

11/16/18 6 - 7pm  SIGN-UP

12/21/18 6 - 7pm  SIGN-UP

1/18/18  6 - 7pm  SIGN-UP

The Bridgeport Art Center is located at 1400 W 35th Street. There is a parking lot located north of the building off of South Racine. Feel free to stay after the TOHS open house to see the creativity occurring in the building, from ceramists to woodworkers!


2. What do I need to apply or to have my child apply?


I. Interview

II. Essay

III. Transcripts


I. Portfolio of previous work

II. Standardized test results

3. How big is your class size?

We hope to have 25 students for our first class, and to grow each year, to a school graduating 50 students each year.

4. I have more questions about Admissions, who can I call?

We would love to hear from you! Please call (312)953-8886 or email with your questions!